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The full-color, hardcover book features 950 photographs, postcards, maps, art, and graphics, many never before published and all professionally restored. It’s like a documentary film in print! The book begins with a 120-page introduction to Ulster County followed by a wide-ranging look at the lesser-known and nostalgic aspects of Kingston’s history.

After four years of research using a variety of public and private archives, books, publications, and personal interviews, the 500-page book covers hundreds of topics, from cement to garments, from anthracite coal to Thomas Cole, from mushrooms to beer, from steamships to railroads, from stone houses to mountain houses, from music to art, from the Catskills to New York City, from mom & pop shops to IBM, from cars to cigars, and much more. Whether you’re a native or a newcomer, we guarantee you’ll learn something new!


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