Welcome vendors!

Below you can find a floor map with your booth location, and instructions for load-in and parking.

A couple of housekeeping notes: Please make sure to bring extension cords, as none will be provided on-site.

At the end of Made In Kingston, please fold your table, and return your table and table linens to the table / linen area by the front entrance.

Floor Map


Upon arrival, you’ll be directed by parking volunteers to either the front loading entrance or the rear, depending on your booth location.

Load-in will take place between noon and 2:30.  ALL vendor vehicles MUST be off-site by 2:30.

Load-in time is 15 minutes – no exceptions.  So… pull up, unload, pull out and park, then set up your booth.

If you’re not out in 15 minutes, a volunteer will have to come find you and get you to move your vehicle.  Please don’t make us do that.

All vehicles (vendor and preferred parking) will enter the on-site load-in / parking areas via S. Prospect St.

On-site preferred parking is for Carpools (3+), Handicapped and Seniors ONLY.

ALL OTHERS, including vendors, must use on-street parking, marked in red.

There is on-street parking on various side streets throughout the area

There is also parking on the north side of Greenkill Avenue, where not prohibited by signs.  NO PARKING on the south side – you WILL get towed or ticketed.

PLEASE obey no parking signs, and don’t block private driveways.

There will also be a shuttle bus from 4-8 pm to and from the Cornell Street parking lot, located by Frank Guido’s Restaurant.

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