StoneStyling by Tyler

My name is Tyler Borchert owner and founder of Stonestyling. I am a local artist from Kingston N.Y. best known for my popup earthwork style stone and driftwood sculptures in the downtown Kingston area. I have a magical gallery and studio a few feet off the roundout creek from which I draw much of my inspiration and creativity. It has become my mission to promote the sustainable use of our earth’s natural elements and through my art I am able to showcase many upcycled and locally harvested materials that would normally just be left behind or discarded. By using these organic plant and earth based items in my work, I hope to bring a feeling of tranquility into the surroundings where they are placed.

In addition to my more freeform sculpture practice, I am extremely fortunate to be able to work with many local homeowners and businesses on custom projects. These unique collaborations have offered me the opportunity to build incredible waterfall features, outdoor patios, mosaic style walkways, zen gardens and so much more. The work I do brings me much peace and happiness. The fluid yet structurally sound artforms come together in a zen like practice I have developed over many years. My goal through this expression is to bring these same feelings to all who come in contact with my creations. I also have many items for the home and kitchen. Unique lighting, hand carved spoons, driftwood and stone candle holders, delicate dried floral arrangements, outdoor furniture and table sized sculptures make wonderful additions to any home, spa or office. So if you are looking for something to gift or just would like to bring a bit of mother nature into your space come check us out!


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